mirabyte launches Web Architect 9 – the new professional Web development tool (archive)

mirabyte has released Web Architect 9, a brand new tool for creating modern and professional Web sites, homepages and Web applications. Web Architect 9 supports all relevant Web standards and technologies such as HTML, XHTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP, etc.

For more than 10 years, mirabyte, a German-based software development company, has been successfully selling its anchor product SuperHTML Web Studio on the German market. Now in 2010 mirabyte has released its latest innovation for professional Web Developers that need to create modern, state of the art Web sites: mirabyte Web Architect 9 which is the official successor of SuperHTML is now available in both English and German language.

Web standards and technologies like (X)HTML, CSS or JavaScript are used to create Web pages but these standards have emerged over time and well accepted best practices and techniques have been established. mirabyte has taken this into account when developing the new Web Architect 9 from scratch.

Dr. Joachim Schwieren, CEO of mirabyte explains: “We have gained a lot of experience in creating Web site building applications and editors over the years with SuperHTML and other products; creating a completely new product from scratch also meant to find new ways for today’s common Web development tasks and to combine them with well established practices and patterns that users expect from Web development tools like e.g. HTML editors. With Web Architect 9 we have created a modern, state of the art Web development tool that helps Web developers and Web workers all over the world to create professional Web sites and Web applications!”

One of the special things about Web Architect 9 is the modern, task and context oriented user interface. In contrast to traditional code editors which often suffer from overloaded menus and toolbars, Web Architect makes use of the new enhanced Ribbon user interface known from Microsoft Office 2010. By using this kind of interface it is possible to work conveniently with the application no matter if working on an HTML or a CSS document or any other kind of Web document.

Another new feature is the extremely powerful code editor that comes with all the features that one can expect from a modern editor such as code snippets (compatible with Visual Studio snippet format!), code completion, smart tags and code folding. Several “intelligent” features save a lot of manual work. Finally the Gecko browser engine (Firefox) can also be integrated into the internal preview feature of Web Architect. Along with the natively supported Internet Explorer preview this allows viewing and validating a Web page in the most common browser engines used today.

Very shortly mirabyte will also release a further very powerful extension for the Professional Edition of mirabyte Web Architect: A fully-fletched, template based Desktop Content Management System (CMS) that makes it easy to create and maintain full Web sites and projects.

Web Architect is available on the mirabyte Web site as free trial version, as Standard Edition and as Professional Edition with and extended feature set. The Standard Edition costs 49.95 EUR, the Professional Edition 99.95 EUR.

Further information is available at:

About mirabyte GmbH & Co. KG

mirabyte ® is a German-based software development and consulting company founded in 2005. The main focus at mirabyte lies on developing powerful and easy to use software applications that allow the efficient use of today’s Web technologies. A second focus is put on innovative, mobile applications. Excellent product quality and a free support service are the distinguishing characteristics of mirabyte. The most popular products are the award-winning CD-ROM offline-content-solution Discstarter and several innovative RSS products.

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