FrontFace for Public Displays 3.3.0

FrontFace for Public Displays is a powerful, very flexible but yet easy-to-use digital signage software that can be used for all sorts of applications such as welcome boards, digital information and advertorial billboards, waiting room TV, digital shop window advertising and many more.

The latest version 3.3 includes the following new features and improvements:

  • An explicit loop count can now also be defined for Print2Screen and XPS documents as well as Web playlists (similar to the settings that are already available for slideshows!)
  • The language of the integrated browser engine (“HTTP Accept Language”) can now be set explicitly
  • The weather widget uses shorter update intervals to present even more up-to-date weather information
  • The security settings dialog of the Adobe Flash plugin can now be reached directly from within the Display Assistant
  • The selection boxes for transition effects and stretching options have been improved to be even more intuitive
  • A partner logo (co-branding) can be integrated into the title bar of Display Assistant window (for OEM partners)
  • Apart from the predefined screen resolutions for the integrated preview feature, it is now also possible to define any custom screen resolution (e.g. for special display types)
  • The wording of the weather widget has been slightly improved in all languages to prevent ambiguities
  • Multiple pages of a playlist can now be copied into another playlist of the same project
  • When using the bulk import feature for images, videos or XPS documents, the name of the generated pages corresponds to the name of the imported files (instead of page 1, page 2, etc.)
  • The context menus (right mouse button) for playlists and playlist items haven been enhanced (copy, move, delete, etc.)
  • The length of a video is now also being shown in the Display Assistant
  • The way how page names in a playlist are being shown has been improved
  • Furthermore, several minor improvements and bug fixes have been added as well in this version

For detailed information, a free trial version and the PDF user manual, please visit the product Website:

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