FrontFace for Touch Kiosks 1.3.0

The latest version 1.3.0 of FrontFace for Touch Kiosks, an intuitive and easy to use software solution for touch screen terminals and kiosk PCs now comes with many new features and great improvements. Especially the Touch Kiosk Configurator, an application for configuring the kiosk system as well as for maintaining and the content, has been vastly improved and is now even more intuitive to use!

With FrontFace for Touch Kiosks you can create your own touch screen terminal applications such as information terminals for hotels, trade fairs, museums, companies or for the point of sale without any programming knowledge.

Here is an overview of the most important new features and improvements in this latest version:

  • Videos can now also be used a wallpapers (running as infinite loop). This makes your menus and front-ends even more vivid and interesting for the user!
  • Projects can now be easily be imported and exported. This allows you to work on several projects for different terminals at the same time.
  • The software now comes with four new demo projects (digital company blackboard, hotel and tourism information system, real-estate portal and digital menu board for restaurants) which you can use to instantly try out the great features of FrontFace.
  • The Print2Screen functionality has been improved in the same way as with FrontFace for Public Displays: You can now also update existing Print2Screen content with a single click!
  • You can now set a custom background color for Print2Screen pages. This gives you many new ways to create stunning content without having to stick to white “paper” as background.
  • The background color of your menus can now be customized which is e.g. very helpful for screens like the language selection screen that do not have any wallpapers.
  • The new “circle” theme that comes with FrontFace allows you to use round buttons in your front-ends that are aligned on a circle. Furthermore you can also integrate your logo in this new theme!
  • The preview feature has been massively improved and is not much faster than before.
  • The “home” button can now also be activated on the content viewer pages for a quick navigation option back to the main menu screen.
  • Many themes now allow disabling the integrated button artwork so you can create your own, custom button style by supplying a custom button artwork using transparent PNG files.
  • The Touch Kiosk Configurator application has been massively improved and is now even more intuitive to use.
  • Global settings like font style, color and font size are now available for most of the integrated themes.
  • Updating content on the terminal PC using a USB thumb drive is now supported and works also in combination with FrontFace for Public Displays when being used as digital signage screensaver.
  • A problem with video files residing on a network shares has been fixed.

A free, fully-functional demo version of FrontFace for Touch Kiosks is available for download on the product Website. Customers that have already purchased a license can obtain the update for free if the order has been placed less than a year ago.

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