FrontFace for Public Displays 3.4.6

FrontFace for Public DisplaysThe latest version of our professional but yet easy-to-use digital signage software “FrontFace for Public Displays” again brings a lot of exciting new features and innovations!

Here is an overview of most important new features and improvements:


  • New Content Type: “Hot Folder” (a.k.a. Dynamic Playlists)
    Hot Folder Content TypeThe new Hot Folder content type allows the integration of dynamic, file-based content into your playlists. By specifying a (shared network) folder that serves as hot folder, the FrontFace player automatically scans this folder for displayable content (pictures, videos, XPS and HTML files) at runtime and shows it on the screen. With this feature you can update your playlists without having to re-publish them using the Display Assistant – Simply add, remove or update files within the hot folder!


  • Optional Station Logo Available in all Screen Layouts
    TV Station LogoFor all screen layouts you can now define a so called “station logo”. This (transparent) PNG image is then shown permanently in the upper right corner of the screen while the playlist is running in order to mimic the effect of a station logo as known from various TV stations.



  • New Screen Layouts with Transparent News Ticker Overlay
    Transparent Overlay TickerThe new screen layouts with the transparent news ticker overlay allow placing the new ticker bar over (!) the actual content of the playlist instead of below the content. By selecting transparent or semi-transparent colours for the news ticker tape you can create stunning effects with these new layouts!


  • Support for LED Video Walls (Using Screen Capturing)
    Support for LED Video Walls (Windowed Mode)Many LED video walls come with a special driver software that captures the content of a fixed area of the screen of the PC which controls the video wall. This technique is called screen capturing or screen scraping. FrontFace now also supports this method by providing optional command line switches which start the player application in a windowed mode instead of the full screen mode. The size and the position of the player window can be adjusted freely.


  • New Transition Effects: “Slide Up” and “Slide Down”
    New Slide Transition EffectsThe transition effects for scrolling the content into the view from the right or the left side of the screen are available in FrontFace for Public Displays since version 1.0; but why are similar effects for scrolling the content from the upper or the lower side of screen not included? We have asked this question ourselves and have now also included these effects as well. By using all four slide effects in combination, you can achieve great-looking visual effects on your screen!


  • Support for Player Groups (Deployment of the Same Content to Multiple Player PCs)
    Player PC GroupsIt is now possible to also set up player groups in the Display Assistant. You can easily assign playlists or complex schedules to Player groups. This helps to save a lot of manual work when working with multiple player PCs in a network that are supposed to mostly show the same content.



  • Additional new features and improvements:
    • You can now skip specific player PCs or player PC groups when performing a publishing operation in the Display Assistant.
    • The user manual (PDF) for integrating live TV channels into playlists has been revised and updated.
    • Possible conflicts in the scheduler are now reported during the publishing process.
    • The behaviour of scheduled triggers regarding their priority has been improved further.
    • The digital signage screensaver feature (for use in combination with interactive kiosk software) has been improved.
    • The support for removable USB and SD drives for performing offline updates of player PCs has been enhanced further.
    • Playlist pages that are marked as ”hidden” or that have a time-based visibility are now highlighted in the Display Assistant for a better overview.

Download the free trial version of FrontFace for Public Displays and try out the new features by yourself!

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