FrontFace for Public Displays 3.5.0 (with PDF Support)

The latest version 3.5.0 of the professional digital signage software “FrontFace for Public Displays” again brings a huge set of exciting new features and great improvements which highly increase the possible use cases and applications of the software!

Here is an overview of the most important new features and changes in this new release:


Highlight: Native PDF Support
Starting with this version, FrontFace for Public Displays now supports the PDF document file format natively. This means that you can integrate PDF documents in the same way as you can integrate images, videos, XPS documents or Web pages into your playlists. Also multi-page documents are supported. Features like page transition effects that are already known from the existing XPS support are now also available for PDF documents. And best of all: On the player PC, no extra prerequisites (e.g. Acrobat Reader) are needed in order to display PDF documents!


Improved Hot Folder Feature with full PDF Support
Hot Folder Content Type
The popular Hot Folder feature of FrontFace that allows you to instantly integrate files from a shared network folder “live” into your playlists has been vastly improved: It now supports full automatic updates so you can simply add, delete or update files in the hot folder in order to make them appear on the screen within your playlists instantly. There is no need to republish your project using the Display Assistant. The Hot Folder feature can now display PDF documents, XPS documents, images, videos and of course HTML pages.


The intelligent AutoRecovery functionality of the player application provides a fully automatic recovery procedure in case of a problem or failure, either of the player application, a third party application or even the underlying operating system. Especially if you display a lot of Web pages in your playlists that contain large Flash movies, there is a certain risk of memory-related problems. With the new AutoRecovery feature, you can now safely run your player PC 24/7 without having to care about scheduled reboots or fiddling around with other workarounds.


Enhanced Weather Widget
The design of the weather widget can now be customized even further to totally fit your individual requirements. You can e.g. set the font that is used for displaying text and select from two different icon sets (“flat” and “photorealistic”). Additionally, new layouts are available for the weather widget. You can now integrate the weather widget into very narrow containers on a screen (either horizontally or vertically) or display on the current weather conditions standalone without the 3-day forecast!


Customizable Ticker Font

You can now also set the font of the news ticker tape (either custom text or RSS news feeds) as well as the colors and the scrolling speed. This allows you to perfectly match also the ticker to your corporate identity.


Improved Screen Layout Selection

The selection drop down for Screen Layouts in the Display Assistant has been improved and is now much cleaner and easier to use than before.


Integration of Password-Protected Web Pages

Websites that require the user to enter a password and a username in order to access the pages can now be integrated into your playlists as well. It is possible to enter specific login credentials directly in the Display Assistant for every Web page that isembedded in the playlist. Both Basic Authentication and NTLM authentication scheme are fully supported.


Updateted User Manual with many new Tips & Tricks

The user manual has been updated and enhanced further. We added new chapters that deal with relevant topics such as the setup of player PCs using the free FrontFace Lockdown Tool or how to remotely administrate a player PC using remote desktop functionality.


Further improvements and new features in this release:

  • The browser cache can now be cleared when the player application is started
  • The user interface of the scheduling section in the Display Assistant has been improved
  • Context-based help has been integrated directly into the Display Assistant in many places
  • More than 40 improvements, enhancements and minor fixes have been added

FrontFace for Public Displays For more information about FrontFace for Public Displays, as well as a free demo version, please visit the FrontFace for Public Displays product Website.

Existing customers that have access to updates & support may download this new version for free directly in the customer download area!

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