FrontFace for Touch Kiosks 1.5.0

FrontFace for Touch KiosksThe latest version 1.5.0 of FrontFace for Touch Kiosks, the professional but yet easy-to-use software solution for touch-enabled kiosk terminal user interfaces, again comes with a lot of new, exciting innovations: Among the native PDF support which allows the direct integration of existing PDF documents, the newly included image map feature dramatically boosts the creative possibilities of the product for creating truly customized end user experiences on touch screen-based devices.

FrontFace for Touch Kiosks allows you to compose and deploy custom front-ends for touch screen computers based on documents and media files of all types (e.g. images, videos, PDF documents and even Web pages) within seconds, enhanced by a graphical menu which enables the end user to consume the provided content in a very intuitive manner.

New Features of this Release:

Support for Image Maps and freely-positioned Buttons
Starting with the latest release of FrontFace for Touch Kiosks, it now also possible to not only arrange menu buttons freely on a wallpaper image – it is also possible to create so called “image maps”. Image maps are mouse/touch sensitive “hot” zones that serve as hyperlinks to sub-menu items or content files. By using image maps, you can design your fully-customized user interface with custom artwork and buttons of any size or shape. You could even use a photo showing different objects as a wallpaper image and make these objects then act as touchable menu items of your navigation menu which creates endless possibilities for custom-styled touch screen menus!

Native Support for PDF Documents
Besides XPS documents, Print2Screen, pictures, videos and Web pages you can now also directly integrate PDF documents into your front ends. Thanks to the native PDF support there is NO need to install a 3rd party software like Acrobat Reader on the kiosk terminal PC!

New Demo Project “Hotel & Tourism”
The new sample project shows a lot of the stunning features that FrontFace for Touch Kiosks has to offer. But it also gives an idea how hotels or anyone from a tourist-business background can create a useful and professional-looking touch screen self-service terminal that gives visitors and guests access to valuable information. Even small hotels that only have a very limited budget can now create professional, fully-sized, interactive kiosk terminals that otherwise only big hotel chains and touristic organizations can afford!

Enhanced User Manual
The user manual has been reworked and explains step-by-step how to create a professional kiosk terminal front end using FrontFace for Touch Kiosks. The manual is available both in German and English language.

Heavily improved Performance of the integrated Web Browser (with GPU Acceleration)
The integrated security Web browser now has full hardware acceleration which tremendously increases the speed of browsing Web content. Even very complex Web pages that tend slow down a normal Web Brower now run much more smoothly!

Optimized Loading and Displaying of Documents and Content Files
The visual appearance of the process when a content file such as a XPS, PDF or image document is loaded has been improved to look even better and much smoother now. Even if a very complex PDF document is loaded on an otherwise slow computer, the time it takes to load feels like nothing to the end user due to the visual loading animation and effects used.

Many Enhancements and Optimizations regarding the Kiosk Assistant
The Kiosk Assistant of FrontFace for Touch Kiosks is the command center that allows you to create, configure and customize the menu structure, the content and the visual appearance of your touch screen front end. A lot of work has been put into this software application to make it even more intuitive and to allow a maximum of productivity!

Customers that already own a license of FrontFace for Touch Kiosks and who are entitled to access free updates & support may download the new version for free.

For prospects, we offer a fully-functional, free demo version which is available on the product Web page for download.

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