FrontFace Lockdown Tool – a free utility that helps configuring and protecting Windows-based PCs for use as public kiosk terminals or digital signage

The FrontFace Lockdown Tool by mirabyte Software is a free utility for system administrators that need to prepare and lock down Windows-based PCs for use as public kiosk terminals or for digital signage applications

(Hamm, 22.09.2014) Due to the high flexibility and the broad range of available applications, the Microsoft Windows operating system is often preferred not only for common office and workstation PCs but also for special-use PCs, such as public kiosk terminals or embedded PCs that are typically used for digital signage applications.

FrontFace Lockdown Tool

FrontFace Lockdown Tool

Even though there is also a special embedded version of Windows available that offers more configuration and security options than the normal, end-user version of Windows, it is still a lot of work to configure, lock down and protect a PC for a specialized use case. Also, quite often, the embedded version of Windows is not available since it can only be purchased in combination with special hardware and only from selected vendors.

mirabyte Software has now released a new, handy configuration utility for system administrators that makes it really easy to configure a Windows-based PC for this kind of specialized applications: The FrontFace Lockdown Tool! By simply selecting either one of the predefined configuration profiles that are available for “interactive kiosk terminals” or for “digital signage player PCs” or by creating a custom profile from the list of available settings, it is possible to configure a normal Windows PC within seconds for special-use applications.

This covers features such as the automatic logon without password entry at boot time as well as starting a dedicated application instead of the normal Windows Explorer / Desktop shell. Yet many other important settings such as the deactivation of the Ctrl+Alt+Del shortcut and the Windows Task Manager, but also screen saver and power management settings as well as various security and protection options can be easily configured within the graphical user interface of the FrontFace Lockdown Tool.

Custom configuration profiles may also be exported and reused on different PCs so the efficient preparation of multiple, identical PCs in a row is no problem. The FrontFace Lockdown Tool does not require an installation routine and can be run directly from a USB thumb drive which makes it the perfect tool for system administrators.

The software can be used with all existing Windows-based kiosk or digital signage applications. It also includes dedicated configuration profiles for the popular kiosk software “FrontFace for Touch Kiosks” and the digital signage software “FrontFace for Public Displays”, offered by mirabyte Software as well.

The FrontFace Lockdown Tool is free of charge and may also be used for setting up commercial kiosk terminals or digital signage player PCs. It supports Windows Vista, Windows 7 and Windows 8/8.1 in all available editions (32/64 bit, as well as “Embedded Standard”).

More information and a download link is available on the product Website:

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