Internet Explorer Plugin available for “FrontFace for Public Displays”

ie-logoThe digital signage software FrontFace for Public Displays comes with a powerful, built-in browser engine that allows the seamless integration of Web pages into FrontFace playlists. The Web browser of FrontFace is based on Chromium and supports apart from HTML5 and CSS3 also JavaScript and even plugin technologies like Flash or Silverlight.

But there may be some rare cases where the integrated browser engine does not or only partially support specific but yet required Web features like special ActiveX controls for Web cams, etc.

In order to still be able to integrate these Web pages into your FrontFace playlists, you can now use the new Internet Explorer Web Browser plugin!

This plugin allows the integration of Web pages into FrontFace playlists using the Internet Explorer browser engine. It renders Web pages exactly the way as the Internet Explorer does and supports all features that are supported by the IE.

The plugin is available for free (currently as beta version, since it is still being enhanced with new features). You can download it in the download area of the FrontFace for Public Displays product Web page (click on “Show all available plugins…”). A PDF manual is also included.

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