FrontFace for Public Displays 3.6.8

FrontFace for Public DisplaysThe latest maintenance update of FrontFace for Public Displays, the software solution for professional digital signage applications, again offers a lot of new features and helpful improvements. Here is an overview of the most important changes:

  • Significant performance improvements of the Display Assistant when dealing with projects that are stored on a network folder
  • New overlay layouts for even more design options
  • A new version of the Clock plugin that now also supports “timer” and “countdown” mode
  • Publishing to a single player PC that is registered within a player PC group is now supported
  • The publication protocol is now more readable and supports an abbreviated and a verbose mode
  • The selection dialog for plugins in the Display Assistant has been improved and now also shows the version number of the plugins in use
  • Searching for updates and new versions (online) has been added as a new feature within the Display Assistant
  • The onscreen notification feature has completely been redesigned (CAUTION: If you are currently using the onscreen notification plugin, please contact mirabyte technical support before installing this update!)
  • Playlists that only have one single page that use a hot folder which contains a single video, XPS or PDF file can now also loop infinitely
  • Various minor improvements, optimizations and bug fixes in the Display Assistant and the FrontFace Player Application

For existing customers that are eligible of getting free updates and support, this update can be downloaded for free. Prospects may download the full-functional free trial version!

For more information, screenshots, plugins (extensions) and video tutorials, please visit the FrontFace for Public Displays Webpage.

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