Remote Control Plugin for FrontFace Player PCs

The digital signage software FrontFace for Public Displays offers different ways how to control which playlists are shown on the screen: By using so called timers, you can schedule when a playlist is supposed to be shown on the screen. Also recurrence patterns (e.g. every day at 5 pm) can be defined.

The other method of controlling playlists is using events. In order to start a playlist when an event fires, you first need to set up an event source. The “Calendar” event source plugin which is already included with FrontFace provides a simple calendar that you can use to manage appointments. Once an appointment becomes due, the event fires and the associated playlist is started on the screen. There are also other event source plugins available that can be used to integrate external Microsoft Exchange or Lotus Domino (Notes) calendars as event sources.

Generally speaking, you can integrate anything that produces events as event source, e.g. triggers from 3rd party systems, sensors (e.g. a photoelectric barrier), and many more. With the free FrontFace Plugin SDK you can easily implement your own event source plugins or let someone with programming skills do this for you.

Remote Control Plugin in the Display Assistant

The Remote Control Plugin and the Calendar Plugin are configured as event sources in the Display Assistant

The recently released event source plugin “Remote Control” for FrontFace now offers a new way to easily start playlists on demand. The “Remote Control Plugin” works hand in hand with the “Remote Control App”, a little Windows application that is optimized for use on tablet PCs but which can also be used on any regular PC.

The Remote Control App allows you to start playlists on FrontFace player PCs with a single click from any PC or tablet remotely. Furthermore, the app also allows stopping playlists and to make onscreen text notification appear on demand.

FrontFace Onscreen Text Notification

An onscreen text notification displayed by the FrontFace player application

Similarly to the “Calendar” event source plugins, the Remote Control App also supports text placeholders that can be filled with “live” content. A typical use case is a reception desk where the Remote Control App is installed on the reception PC. The desk clerk can then make personalized welcome messages appear on the large screen controlled by FrontFace with a single click. In combination with the “Calendar” event source plugin you can welcome visitors both with pre-scheduled welcome messages as well as with ad hoc welcome messages where the name of the visitor is entered manually at the point of time when it is actually needed!

FrontFace Remote Control App

The FrontFace Remote Control App with two pre-configured buttons that can start playlists

The Remote Control App is so simple and intuitive to use that anyone can use it- even without prior training! Simply click on one of the previously defined buttons to start the desired action on the player PC (e.g. start off a playlist). Furthermore, you also execute different maintenance actions, e.g. shutting down the player PC remotely.

Just give it a try and see how easy this is! The Remote Control Plugin is available for download as free trial version. The package includes a detailed manual as well as the Remote Control App.

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