FrontFace for Touch Kiosks 2.0.3

FrontFace for Touch KiosksThe new version 2.0.3 of FrontFace for Touch Kiosks again comes with a lot of great new features and improvements. For example you can now add a real-time clock with date and/or time to your front-ends. Another major focus of this release was put on several improvements of the built-in Web browser that is used for displaying Web pages within your touch screen-friendly user interface.

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These are the most important changes of the latest release:

  • Searching online for updates and new versions is now supported by the Kiosk Assistant
  • Improved URL whitelist filter for the integrated Web browser
  • A warning message is shown in case a Website is blocked by the URL whitelist filter
  • Zoom factor for Web pages can be set individually
  • Loading progress animation is now shown, even if the Web page is shown in full screen mode
  • A problem with focusing the input controls on a Web page when opening the onscreen keyboard has been fixed
  • Loading animation when displaying contents
  • The circle theme now also supports hiding the default button artwork
  • A problem with video playback on systems with no sound card has been fixed
  • A clock (date and time) can now be shown optionally in the user interface
  • The remote update feature has been improved
  • Compatibility with Windows 10 has been improved
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