Integrating Live Content Easily: Hot Folder

The Display Assistant (content management application) of FrontFace for Public Displays is a very easy-to-use and truly convenient tool to create and manage your digital signage playlists with different types of content like images, videos, PDFs, HTML pages and more and to configure the time and event based scheduling. Even though the application is highly intuitive and using it is easy to learn, there are situations where one just would like to say:

“Instantly display any file on the screen that has been saved in a specific folder!”

So to say a “no-management” content management! Exactly this feature is available in FrontFace for Public Displays and is called “Hot Folder”:

The setup is simple: Just add a hot folder content object to your playlist and provide the path to a folder on a network share as the designated “hot folder”. Once the playlist is shown on the screen and the page with the hot folder appears, the player application will access that folder and show all files which it finds in there right at this point of time. That way, also multiple files can be integrated using the hot folder feature (e.g. a slide show).

The hot folder feature is perfect to allow totally unexperienced users to manage the content on your displays. E.g. the office assistant of a school can update a time table on the digital backboard (= public display) by simply saving an updated version of the PDF document with the time table in a predefined folder on a network share. The content will then instantly appear on the screen and no further steps are needed!

Another application for the hot folder feature is to use it for automated integration of 3rd party systems: External applications can e.g. generate reports automatically and save/copy these directly into the hot folder. This can save you from implementing complex integration interfaces or bridges in many cases!

Learn more about the hot folder feature and download a free trial version of FrontFace for Public Displays!

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