Spring Update: FrontFace for Public Displays 3.9.0 and FrontFace for Touch Kiosks 2.2.0

The new version 3.9.0 of our professional digital signage software FrontFace for Public Displays and version 2.2.0 of our interactive touch kiosk software FrontFace for Touch Kiosks are available now! These new releases again come with a lot of great new features and improvements that we would like to share with you:

FrontFace for Public Displays 3.9.0

The new version of our professional digital signage software for all sorts of information and advertising screens comes with a lot of major features and improvements:

NEW: Modernized Browser Engine
The integrated browser engine for displaying HTML5/CSS3 Web pages within playlists has been updated to a modern, state of the art version (based on Chromium 55). This allows you to embed any kind of Web pages that run fine in the recent versions of Google Chrome in your FrontFace playlists. Furthermore, you can select between two different rendering modes which address different types of content and applications (e.g. one is optimized for video playback and touch interaction while the other is focused on seamless integration even with overlay page layouts and transition effects). The new version also supports touch interaction with common multi-touch gestures like swipe or pinch to zoom.

NEW: Shuffle Mode for Picture Slideshows
The feature that lets you integrate pictures and photos as slideshows into your playlists (also with optional MotionZoom effect) now supports a shuffle mode for random playback. This can help to make your playlists more interesting and less predictable even if only a few pictures are used.

NEW: End of Support for Windows XP and .NET Framework 4.6.1 System Requirement
Due to the introduction of the new Web browser engine we had to drop Windows XP and Windows Vista support with this release. If you still use one of these operating systems, please stay with version 3.8.3 of FrontFace. Generally, we recommend updating to Windows 7 or Windows 10. FrontFace supports all Windows versions starting with Windows 7.

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FrontFace for Touch Kiosks 2.2.0

The new version of our flexible solution for interactive touch screen systems and kiosk terminals, FrontFace for Touch Kiosks, comes with a bunch of new features, interesting updates and significant improvements:

NEW: User Tracking with Piwik
The free, popular Web analytics software Piwik (similar to Google Analytics) is not only great for tracking users on Web pages, it can now also be used to track the usage of FrontFace for Touch Kiosks-enabled kiosk terminals. That way, you can find out how often your terminal is used, how many users have been using your system and which content they have consumed. Also click-paths can be analyzed which helps you to further improve your system. The only thing that you need is a Web server with a Piwik installation and you are good to go: Simply supply the URL to the Piwik server in the settings menu of the Kiosk Assistant and you can start to collect data from your kiosk terminal. Reports can then be accessed using a Web browser on the normal Piwik dashboard. Since the users are only identified in an anonymized way, you do not have to worry about privacy issues when using the tracking feature. Also, the collected data remains with you and is not passed on to 3rd parties.

NEW: Chromium-based PDF Viewer
FrontFace for Touch Kiosks natively supports the PDF format so you can view PDF files in your touch screen menus without having to install a 3rd party application like Acrobat Reader. The new alternative way for viewing PDF files is based on the Chromium browser engine and allows to also navigate hyperlinks within the PDF document (both, internal and external). Paging through a multi-page document is implemented as a vertical scroll through in this new mode. You can select if you want to use the new mode or the traditional one.

NEW: Content Access Protection with Password or RFID/Bar Code/Smart Card
Many customers have been asking for this new feature which allows to protect certain menu items in the touch screen menu. You can either set a password which the user will then have to enter (using the on-screen keyboard) in order to continue navigation or you can integrate an ID system such as RFID readers, bar code scanners or Smart Card systems. In case of ID systems, you can centrally store a whitelist (ACL) with the IDs of allowed users, e.g. on a network share. Any ID device that supports the so called “keyboard emulation” mode can be used with FrontFace. For almost all devices that are currently available, this is the case.

NEW: Many Improvements and Optimizations
Apart from many minor improvements and bug fixes we have also optimized the multi-screen support which now also works fine if the screens use different DPI settings (which is supported by Windows 10 systems).

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