Tipp: Personalized Birthday Wishes with FrontFace for Public Displays

Did you know that there is a super-easy way to display personalized birthday wishes, e.g. for employees within your screen presentations?

Simply use the new feature that we have added to the latest version (3.9.2) of FrontFace for Public Displays:

Add a new page to your regular playlist and insert a custom birthday message for the employee (e.g. an image or XPS that you have created using PowerPoint).

Then head over to the “Visibility” tab in the settings dialog of that playlist page (“Edit Page”) and select the birthday of the person in question as start and end date for the page visibility. Make sure that you also tick the “Annual Repeat” checkbox so that the page becomes visible every year on that date.

This will now add the extra page to your regular playlist at the given position whenever the birthday of the employee is due.

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