Interactive Quizzes for Digital Signage Screens and Kiosk Terminals

Quiz shows are very popular on TV! One of the things that makes this format so successful is the fact that anybody can participate without having to interact directly, simply by answering the questions for him or herself.

This does not only work on TV but also on digital signage screens and interactive kiosk terminals where a quiz is perfectly suited to enliven the displayed content and to engage users.

mirabyte offers the Quiz Plugin which is part of the Entertainment Pack. It allows you to integrate quiz elements into your playlists or interactive touch screen menus.

The plugin is compatible with FrontFace for Public Displays and FrontFace for Touch Kiosks. It supports an interactive mode where the user can select an answer from the displayed answer alternatives using the touch screen and a non-interactive mode where a countdown is displayed until the correct answer is revealed. In addition to that, the integrated, optional audio feature can help to create a true “quiz show feeling”!

It is possible to adjust the design and the look and feel of the plugin. That way, you can match it with your corporate identity, e.g. regarding colors or fonts. The plugin comes with a ready to use database of 100 trivia questions. But you can also use the included quiz editor app to create your own questions database, e.g. to raise questions like “When was our company founded?” on the screen. This is truly a cool feature for welcome and reception screens or for waiting room displays in medical surgeries, just to name a few applications.

Download the free trial version of the Quiz Plugin for FrontFace and experience how this interesting addon can help you to do even more with your digital signage or kiosk installation!

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