With the Search Engine Plugin, FrontFace now has an integrated full-text search function for structured, tabular data. Excel tables (XLSX) or CSV files can be used as data sources.

The user can enter a search text in a search field. The data table is then searched and all matching entries are displayed as a list. The list entries can contain freely selectable columns from the data table.

The visual design (such as colors, font/font size) can be customized.

The Search Engine Plugin is especially suited for providing a simple search function in interactive touch menus on terminals and steles. For example, to search for people in an old people’s home or nursing home (for visitors), or to search for a contact person and their room/office within a building. This makes the Search Engine Plugin a particularly useful feature for digital concierges. The plugin can be easily integrated into existing FrontFace touch menus and playlists.

Other use cases for the FrontFace Search Engine Plugin include: room or event search, person/location search, status query from table reports, and structured presentation of records from tables.
It is also possible to integrate data sources (Excel or CSV files) via a UNC path (network share) or via a URL (HTTP) and thus access live data provided by other systems without having to update the touch menu or playlist.

As with all FrontFace plugins, this plugin is available as a free trial version. Licensing is per customer account, i.e. the plugin can be used with all existing FrontFace licenses.