Microsoft’s Power BI business intelligence software is used by many companies today. It can be used to compile business figures and data from a wide range of data sources in the company into reports and analyses, which can then be displayed in a web browser.

However, when it comes to making Power BI content available on digital screens (digital signage, dashboards, or shop floor boards) or in interactive employee information systems, difficulties often arise. This is mainly due to the fact that interactive authentication (login) via Office 365 is required to access Power BI reports and dashboards in the browser. This cannot be done on an autonomous screen with no mouse and keyboard.

The digital signage software FrontFace offers an elegant solution to this challenge with the new Power BI plugin. This allows Power BI reports and dashboards to be easily integrated into FrontFace playlists or touch menus and combined with other media and content (e.g. images, videos, PDFs, websites, news tickers, etc.).

Two different types of integration are available: First, SSO (Single Sign On via Azure AD) can be used to enable automatic login to Power BI Online. Alternatively, the data can be hosted for playout using a so-called “Power BI capacity”. FrontFace then accesses this Power BI Capacity in Azure over a secure Internet connection and displays the content as desired.

This means that Power BI content can now be easily integrated into digital signage playlists!

Both, the FrontFace software and the Power BI plugin are available for download as fully functional, free trials.