The new version 4.7.1 of the digital signage and kiosk software FrontFace comes with many new features and improvements. The update is available for free download in the customer area for all customers who are entitled to updates & support. Interested users can download the fully functional trial version to test it.

A very special new feature is the ability to display PDF or XPS/Print2Screen documents with multiple pages at the same time. A typical use case is to display a multi-page portrait document in full screen mode on a 16:9 landscape screen. This makes better use of the available space. Nevertheless, the familiar “paging” function (manual or automatic mode) is still available, even if multi-page viewing is enabled!

These are the major changes in this release – FrontFace 4.7.1:

FrontFace for Windows:

  • NEW: Multi-page display mode for PDF, XPS and Print2Screen documents allowing to display multiple pages at the same time
  • NEW: Convert to Bitmaps option for PDF and Print2Screen has been optimized (improved rendering quality)
  • NEW: When viewing a PDF using the Chromium-based rendering, touch interaction is forced if toolbar or thumbnails is enabled
  • NEW: Support for HTML widgets (HTML code snippets)
  • FIX: Fixed an issue with incorrect rendering of SVG files containing elements outside the canvas
  • FIX: Player settings are now correctly applied in Preview mode when a player is selected
  • FIX: Fixed a problem with web server publishing when using the FTPS protocol
  • FIX: Several other minor bug fixes and improvements

FrontFace for Android:

  • NEW: Player logs can now be exported to a USB thumb drive on Android
  • FIX: Fixed issue with borders and padding on Android
  • FIX: Fixed problem with incorrectly applied background colors in certain situations