Date/Time, World Time Clock, Countdown or Timer for Your Digital Signage Content

With the “Date/Time” media object of FrontFace digital signage and kiosk software, you can integrate the current date and/or time into your screen content.

In addition to displaying the current date or time as a digital or analog clock, this media object can also display a countdown or ‘egg timer’. You can also use the Date/Time media object to create a world time clock!


Digital Signage with Android or Windows: Which is better?

Digital signage software is available for various operating systems. Broadly speaking, there are two types of systems used for digital signage: PC-based and SOC (System on a Chip). While PC-based systems use classic PC hardware, usually based on x86 or x64 processors, SOC hardware has the entire system on a chip and is usually integrated directly into the screen. However, there are also external SOC media players and sticks that connect to the display via HDMI or Display Port like PCs.


Scheduled startup and shutdown of digital signage PCs running Windows

Not all digital signage systems need to run 24/7. In many cases, there are windows of time when such systems are not needed, or even when they are not allowed to operate due to legal requirements.

To avoid the manual effort of turning systems on and off, they can be started and shut down automatically and time-controlled. We show you how this works!


FrontFace on the Amazon Fire TV Stick

The FrontFace digital signage software is not only available for Windows, but also for the Android operating system. In addition to tablets, media player boxes and mini PCs with Android as well as TVs with integrated Android TV, the compact Fire TV Stick from Amazon can also be used as player hardware. The multimedia stick from Amazon is particularly suitable for small, budget-sensitive standalone installations. In addition to the normal model, there is also a 4K version, which offers a higher resolution, and a Lite version, which is completely sufficient for digital signage purposes.


Touch Menus: Back to Home Page & Digital Signage Screen Saver

In this tutorial we will show you two very helpful features for your interactive touch menus with FrontFace: The “Back to Home Page” function automatically returns the menu to the start page if a user leaves the terminal without clicking “Home” button on leaving. With the screen saver feature, you can supply your kiosk terminal with additional, moving content when there is no interaction and usage.