Important Update for the Integrated Weather Module of FrontFace

FrontFace for Public Displays and FrontFace for Touch Kiosks include an integrated weather chart module that can show the current weather conditions and a 3-day forecast for any place on earth. The data source for this module is (a company of “The Weather Channel”). has been recently acquired by IBM and the new owner has decided to shut down operations by 31-12-2018. Therefore, after this date, the weather module will not be able to show data anymore!

We have now migrated our service to a new weather data provider. Therefore it is required that you update your FrontFace installation to the latest version to allow you to continue using the weather module as before (Installation of the latest version of FrontFace on all PCs where FrontFace is being installed!).

Please notice: It is required that you once again set the location for the weather module after installing the update. Otherwise, the weather module will show information for “New York” or another major city in your region as default.

All customers that have a valid updates & support subscription get the update, as always, for free. If your updates & support subscription has expired, please consider a renewal if you want to continue using the weather module in the future. A renewal can be purchased in the online customer account section of our Website.

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